Provides annual checkups for your well

Residential & Commercial Pump Services

Provides annual checkups for your well to ensure the system is running at its maximum level of energy efficiency. Annual maintenance on a well system adds to the longevity of the multiple mechanical and electrical components. By having your well system checked out by a professional once a year, you are virtually eliminating your well system from experiencing a catastrophic failure, leaving you without water. A well system checkup allows the well technician to be able to monitor all of the many components that make up a well pumping system, for signs of wear and need for repair. Unfortunately, many people wait until it is too late to have their well system worked on and end up needing costly emergency service repairs. Not to mention suddenly being without water is extremely stressful and inconvenient. An annual maintenance checkup is scheduled on a day and at a time that is most convenient for you. The service takes about an hour and comes with the peace of mind that your well system is running efficiently and properly, in addition to, giving you the opportunity to receive extensive discounts on service repairs.

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  • Empire EWP uses submersible pumps in residential settings. Submersible pumps are so named because the whole unit, pump and motor are designed to be operated under water. This means the pump does not have to be primed. Once installed and turned on, water flows up the pipe. Submersible pumps are much more efficient than jet pumps and much simpler to install. They are known for their reliability and often perform their role 20 to 25 years without needing to be serviced.