Why do I need to test?

Water Well Production Testing

A water well production test, yield test or draw down test is performed to protect you and everyone involved with the purchase of a home or property. Mortgage financing with most institutions require the new homeowner to perform water well draw down test.

Don’t let lack of water ruin your dream home!

Not knowing how much water you have may cripple the dreams you had for your property. The average American household needs 100 to 120 gallons per person per day, and a flow rate of about 6 to 12 gallons per minute. This requirement may be higher if it serves a home housing a large family or there are large water demands. The largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, followed by taking showers and baths. Toilets account for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. Running a typical sprinkler from a standard garden hose (5/8”) for one hour uses about 1,020 gallons of water. If you run sprinklers three times per week, that is about 408 gallons per day in addition to indoor water consumption. One can see the importance of having sufficient water supply.


Water well production testing and financing?


Know the rules about financing, we can help with their testing requirements.


On the FHA government loan website, you will find plenty of information about financing and regulations, but figuring out whether the house you want to buy will pass government inspection is not easily found. While we can’t speak to the entire inspection process, we can provide basic information that can help you figure out whether the home you want to buy will pass muster. Needless to say, it is imperative that you know what the well can produce to carry on normal household life. We offer you the knowledge, understanding and unequivocal results of what your well is producing so you can have confidence and surety.


When should I test?

  • Before you finalize the purchase of a new home.
  • Most financing requires that you need to have a well testing completed to determine if you have enough water, if the water is potable, and if you approve the quality of the water.
  • You need to have a filtration system installed due to harmful pollutants.
  • A neighbor drills a water well too close to you it could affect your usable water supply.
  • If an oil drilling company is going to be drilling anywhere nearby.
  • The drilling of new wells around your property.
  • Assessing the age, quality, and working ability of the pumping equipment.